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Hargroves Cycles is one of the largest dealers for Bianchi Bikes in the UK. We have been selling Bianchi's since the mid 90's so needless to say we know more about these than most. Even Peter Hargroves favours a Bianchi Road Bike.

View our 2016 Bianchi Bike Range below

Bianchi is one of the leading brands on the international market in the cycling sector and it boasts 130 years of history starting in 1885.

The main target of Bianchi is the brand global leadership in the cycling sector, with the immediate draw to the most authentic made in Italy tradition, through.

  • Suitable production, developing products with advanced technological content
  • Focused commercial strategies
  • Effective communication, that increase its legendary and global brand visibility

Bianchi Technologies for 2016

X-TEC - Cross Weave

Carbon strips are molded into the carbon structure of the head tube and BB area. Exceptional torsional rigidity proven by Bianchi’s professional riders

WMP - Wrinkleless Moulding Process

  • Wrinkles in the carbon material affect the property of the whole frame and add more weight
  • Bianchi avoid wrinkles by pre-tuning the thickness of the laminate of each frame
  • Increased frame and process efficiency
  • Reduced weight

Countervail - Vibration Cancelling Composite Technology

In simple terms the Countervail technology is a special carbon fiber architecture and viscoelastic material that is embedded within the unique Infinito CV and Aquila carbon lay-up, which immediately cancels vibration while increasing the stiffness and strength of the entire frame.


  • Maximize ride control and handling under normal to extreme vibration loads
  • Reduced muscle fatigue and increased energy savings in distance rides
  • Increased rigidity and peak power output over long distances

Countervail Technology

UTSS - Ultra Thin Seat Stay

  • Improved Shock absorbtion and impact resistance
  • Reduced frame weight
  • Power transmission is now focussed through the chain stays, leaving the seat stays as a compliant support structure


  • The combination between Bianchi Active Technology and the Kevlar Vibration Isolating Device allows us to obtain different stiffness behaviors under different forces and directions, without wasting power transfer
  • Special design of the rear triangle
  • Kevlar insertions in the seat stays and the carbon fork
  • Improved shock absorbtion and adherence on the road

Click on the links below to check out Bianchi products we stock.

Our Top Picks for 2016 - Available with 0% Finance

The Bianchi Via Nirone Dama Bianca Sora bike designed just for the female rider that want to to go for a middle to long distance ride but wants to be comfortable along the way. The Dama Bianca version of the Via Nirone takes all the quality features like striking looks and lightweight alloy and puts them into a female specific package at an affordable price. Coming in at the entry level end of the spectrum, the performance this bike delivers is anything but that.

The Bianchi Freccia Ultegra is dedicated to race performance thanks to the new lightweight aluminium frame and Bianchi's heralded racing geometry. The Freccia is the perfect bike for riders who are requiring a frame with a low weight and good stiffness while maintaining the vintage looks of the classic Bianchi bikes.

The Infinito CV Disc is the one of the newest additions to the Bianchi catalog taking the amazing Countervail Vibration damping technology that has been critically lauded and disc brakes to make a unique road ready bike to tackle any kind of road terrain. The Infinito CV is ideal for those who want to ride long distances at the fastest speed with the highest comfort possible.

The Via Nirone is one of the longest running models in the modern era of Bianchi. Designed as a Mid-Level aluminium road bike that can still give you heaps of performance. Complete with Campagnolo's entry level 10 Speed groupset make this bike very good value for money and an extremely capable machine.