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Challenge Tyres and Tubulars


The Challenge story begins in 1985 when Italian company Brewo Italia begins selling and servicing Italian products including Clement tyres. In 1990 Vittoria and Clement move to Thailand to cut costs. In 1998 the Thailand factory closes but the following year the owner of Brewo Italia buys and re-constructs the factory so he can continue supplying tyres.

In 2003 after failing to reach an agreement with Pirelli for use of the Clement trademark, the owner and his son create their own brand named Challenge to produce and sell tubulars and open tubulars. In 2005 the original molds for the famous Grifo, Criterium, Paris-Roubaix, Crono and Pista are joined by new innovative treads like the Grifo XS and Strada.

In 2006 Challenge creates an innovative process to produce the worlds first seamless latex inner tube and Erwin Vervecken wins the Cyclocross World Championships on Challenge. In 2008 Challenge release the Fango tread and 2009 sees them expand the open tubular range with the Forte, Triathlon and Fango treads made.

By 2014 Challenge have introduced the Chicane cyclocross tyre and now makes the 320TPI Corespun Cotton casing Team Edition Grifo and Limus tyres available to the public.

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Challenge Product Highlights

The world famous Challenge Grifo has been around for nearly 10 years and shows no sign of slowing down and is still considered one of the best all-round cyclocross tubulars currently on the market today. Designed for all-round use the Challenge Grifo excels the most in dry to intermediate conditions especially on grass.

The Grifo can also be used in certain muddy conditions especially when the mud is not too wet or soft and it's fast rolling enough for even the dryest and dustiest conditions.

Relatively new to the range is the Challenge Limus Tubular, which is marketed as their all-out mud tyre. With deeper knobs for pure, sticky mud and soft-pack surfaces and wider spaced knobs that make shedding the mud that much quicker as to not clog the tyre on those claggier days.

The Limus is still a fast rolling tubular despite its heavy tread and for the majority that can only really afford to have one set of tubular cyclocross tyres, these come highly recommended as they can handle all conditions. The exception being sand and ice, but being in the UK the chances of those conditions are very low.

Although the same as the tubular version the open tubular version is worthy of a mention in its own right. For those who can't afford to or who simply choose not to go tubular the open tubular version is a very worthy option.

Just to confirm these are clincher tyres, but are called open tubular due to the fact they have the same casing as the tubular, but with the added tyre bead. Arguably the best all-round clincher on the market today the Gifo Open has alot of benefits of the tubular, especially the suppleness and the ability to run them at lower than normal pressures for a clincher.

Additionally the fact they generally are a larger volume tyre, which makes for better comfort and handling.

Named after the world famous classic race Paris-Roubaix this tyre is designed for use on roads with cobbles or gravel or just generally bad conditions. Featuring the Double PPS flat protection the Paris-Roubaix can withstand alot of abuse and with its 300TPI count and 27mm tyre width it delivers a fast rolling yet comfortable ride.