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Dugast Tubulars


Supple rubber and the finest materials and casings make Dugast tubulars the tyre of choice for the top pros on the cyclocross scene and also for road riders in the pro peloton. From Paris-Roubaix to a local race, Dugast tubulars can be found on Cyclocross, Mountain Bikes and Road bikes.

The Dugast Tyre Company was started by Andre Dugast in 1972. He hand-stitched each tubular tyre and personally delivered his exceptional product to cyclists. Today, with a vastly increased annual production, Richard Nieuwhuis maintains the same standards of excellence. Casings are still made of natural elements like cotton or silk. Mr Nieuwhuis takes pride in still creating Dugast tubular tyres by hand. He personally delivers finished tubulars to racers at the most prestigious cycling competitions around the globe.

These Dugast tubulars feature the same quality rubber and hand stitching cyclists have been racing on for decades. Each tyre has been designed to have the optimal mix between weight, performance and function.

Dugast Product Highlights

The undisputed king of cyclocross tubulars is the Dugast Rhino, which has long been the number one choice for muddy cyclocross races. With its aggressive tread and unique Dugast rubber compound which prevents too much mud clogging the tread, the Rhino still provides a very fast rolling tyre which can be used for any conditions competively.

If you have to buy just one tubular that can cover all conditions, except for Ice, then the Dugast Rhino would be the one. Available in 32mm and 33mm widths.

The original Dugast was the Typhoon which uses the famous 'Grifo' style tread of arrows and chevrons. Designed as an all-round use tubular it can handle most terrain and is arguably the best choice for predominantly dry to intermediate conditions such as what you would find on the East Coast of America. Available in 32mm and 33mm widths. 33mm width tyres are becoming more common as the quest for speed & comfort progresses. The intention is that the slight increase on tyre volume means an increase an grip which means that such low pressures aren't always required.

The newest addition to the Dugast range the Small Bird has taken its design from the highly successful Fast Bird MTB Tubular that has seen World Championship success with Nino Schurter. In essence the Small Bird is a 'slimmed-down' version of the Rhino and is intended to be used on dry to intermediate days. It does have a unique feature which sets it apart from other Dugasts, which is the inclusion of a dual compound rubber construction that helps you roll faster on the flats and corner like you're on rails.

Designed as a hybrid and as a result of the demand of pro riders who wanted the fast rolling feel of a file tread but with the cornering bite of a mud tyre, the Dugast Pipisqualo was born. The Pipisqualo features the high speed components of the Pipistrello and adds slightly cut down side knobs as found on the Rhino. The result is a tyre which is fast in a straight line, but also fast and confident round the corners.

The Dugast Pipistrello came about when sandy races demanded a different approach to equipment than what was currently available at the time. The demand was a tyre with large surface area that could be run at low pressures & the Pipistrello was born. Its result was that it proved a great tyre for dry days aswell. Also when the World Championships arrived in Poprad in 1999 the course was all ice and 95% of the Elite field were on the Pipistrello which was then just a Pro only prototype.