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Topeak Cycling Accessories


For many, riding a bike is more than simply rolling on two wheels. Because once the ride starts, its impossible to think about anything else. All that exists in life is what's in front of you right now. Long grinding climbs and sweet descents, empty country road and clogged urban streets, tailwinds on a sunny day and flat tyres in the rain. Life is distilled down to the ride. That's why Topeak say ride equals life.

Topeak Innovation

At Topeak, exciting new ideas for accessories are spinning at full speed and driving us ahead in a never ending cycle of innovation.

From the dreams of the Topeak designers and engineers great cycling accessories are born - spun out from the ever turning gears of their collective imagination. From the humble beginnings in 1991 Topeak's passion for cycling has evolved into the making of the world's finest cycling accessories. In almost every category, Topeak products set the the standard of innovation, performance and durability.

Products like the JoeBlow series floor pumps, ALiEN tools and RaceRocket mini pumps to patented technologies like SmartHead, TwinHead, PressureRite, QuickTrack and QucikClick systems to the full service PrepStation and PanoBike App Topeak delivers the convenience and enjoyment your cycling customers deserve.

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Topeak Product Highlights

With the recent growth of Longer Distance Triathlons and Sportives companies have been making ingenious ways of storing food rather than just in your jersey pocket. The Topeak Fuel Tank Bag is one of the best bags for this purpose we've seen. With a large capacity and easy-to-use velcro mounting system, the Topeak Fuel Tank is a convenient way of storing your mobile phone, energy bars, wallet or tools.

Topeak were one of the first brands to bring out a worthy cycling specific multi tool. In 1996 Topeak released the ALiEN Multi Tool which has been a much imitated tool in the industry. The Topeak ALiEN 2 is a complete re-deisgn of the original with 26 tools that fold into a lightweight two piece body for the ultimate in versatility.

The Topeak Race Rocket Mini Pump is an efficient, light weigh, single action pump which inflates to 120PSI. The extendable hose takes the stress of the valve stem and the small size size means it fits easily into a jersey pocket. Weighing in at only 85 grams makes the Race Rocket Mini one of the lightest pumps out there.