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How our bikes are built

At Hargroves Cycles we understand that a smooth and easy buying experience is essential. We want to extend your buying experience right the way through to you receiving the bike, unpacking it and taking it for the first ride!

We are now shipping the tools you need to complete the assembly of your bike for free!

We are including a pedal spanner and also a very useful allen key set which will no doubt also come in use at a later date.

When the manufacturers deliver bikes to us they come in a sealed cardboard box and are only partly built. Only a qualified and experienced mechanic can take a bike in this form and turn it into a "finished product" - by this we mean a bike that is fully built, tested and ready ride.

Bikes pictured in our warehouse awaiting build and test

Every bike purchased from Hargroves Cycles undergoes a complete build, a full pre delivery inspection (pdi) and is fully tested - this is both in store and also online. All of our mechanics are Cytech qualified - this means they have undergone the correct professional training to work on all the bikes we sell. The build and test process involves the bike being fully built in a workstand and all parts tested and aligned - this means gears and brakes are set up, all bolts tightened for safety, tyres inflated, pedals installed and removed to check threads.

Bikes being Tested

One of our qualified mechanics works on a customers bike ahead of dispatch

In order to get your bike to you in A1 condition our cycle mechanics have become experts in packaging bikes safely and securely. This does mean you will have a small amount of assembly to complete - it should take around 10-15 minutes and if you follow our instructions it should be straight forward(see top right). Our mechanics use foam padding, extra long zip ties and plastic contact point protectors which have been specifically designed to protect bikes in transit. We use manufacturer’s original cardboard boxes to get the bikes to you - these are nearly 1cm thick and have been carefully designed to protect bikes in transit.

If you are buying a childs bike we ship these in an adults bike box if at all possible. This means you should only need to attach the pedals and turn the handlebars 90 degrees(then tighten the top bolt) - this may vary a little per bike.

Please note: We do not fit accessories such as mudguards, lights, computers etc. The reason for this is that the bikes do not fit in the boxes safely and the risk of damage occurring in transit to the bike and/or accessories becomes very high. As you can see from the photo below the bikes are snug but safe and well protected.

It is also worth noting that many bikes DO NOT come with pedals. It will be clearly stated in the listing of the bike if this is the case - in addition it will be visible in the photo of the bike. This is a manufacturer's decision rather than one made by ourselves.

An example of a packaged bike. Note the contact points carefully protected and padded. The picture above gives you a good idea of what your bike will look like when it arrives. As you can see - first steps are to remove the bike from the box, cut zip ties and remove padding. Then you'll need to follow our instructions but as an overview - You'll need to attach the front wheel, install pedals, insert seatpost and re-attach handlebars. All bikes are pre built and tested before being sent out.

Finally our courier of choice is TNT. They are aware that we ship bikes and that they need to remain upright to remain un damaged. We use a "next day" service which although not guaranteed means 99% of bikes dispatched arrive with our customers the next day after we send them - please check your email for tracking around 7pm. Please note next day delivery is from point of dispatch rather than from the day you order the bike.