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Last year was the year of the 29er. We saw a huge number of mountain bikes offered with a 29 inch wheel rather than the 26. 2014 looks set to be the first serious year for 650b bikes or 27.5 inch wheel bikes depending on your terminology preference.

So in summary we now have mountain bikes with 26 inch, 27.5 inch and 29 inch wheels. Confusing? Well maybe a little but we think things will rapidly be simplified. We think 26 inch wheel bikes are likely to disappear unless you visit a supermarket or car accessory store to buy your bike! The reason for this is that 27.5 inch has no downside to 26 inch and manufactures need to keep things simple. So we think most quality brands will eventually offer a mix of 27.5 wheel bikes and 29 inch wheel bikes.

Why 27.5 inch then? Well its simple - its faster than 26 and it handles just as well so why not? 29ers don't work for everyone but riders identified it would be better if 26 inch wheels were a little more like 29ers. The answer was simple - a half way house sizing that worked for everyone.

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