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Time Trial Bikes(often known as TT Bikes or Triathlon Bikes)are built for one purpose only - going as fast as possible.  Most time trial courses have a limited number of corners so the bike is focussed on going as fast as possible and mainly in a straight line!  The bikes are as aerodynamic as possible and the most obvious features are aero bars(in order to get the rider in a tucked aero position), deep section/disc wheels and a soft tip saddle for comfort in the aero position. Some time trial bikes only come with very basic wheels as many riders already have a high end wheel set they will use when they get the bike.

If this is your first time trial bike then take a look at the Felt B16 - it's one of our best sellers and offers a great allround package. If you are more serious then take a look the Scott Plasma 20 - probably one of the ultimate set ups - add in a set of quality wheels and its ready to race.

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