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Hargroves Cycles are pleased to be continuing Cannondale Bikes into 2016.

  • Cannondale has proved to be a serious contender in the world of road racing & mountain biking and have shown dominance in the professional world of both disciplines.
  • Cannondale have always been at the forefront of pushing the envelope in bicycle design, whether its Headshox or Lefty suspension forks or BB30 bottom bracket standards.
  • Cannondale are always looking to improve design & performance outside of the norm.
  • We continue to expand our range year on year and Cannondale are sure to become one of top brands, and rightly so.

View our 2016 Cannondale Bike Range

Cannondale Technolgies and New Features

LEFTY - Superior performance through unconventional design. The lighter-stiffer-stronger-smoother front suspension - now with sealed hybrid needle bearing technology.

  • Lighter - Lefty's minimalist single-leg design lets it be ligher than most competitors' lightest XC race forks.
  • Stronger - Lefty's dual crowns and oversize inverted structure give it such strength that even the lightest Lefty can out-perform burly all-mountain forks in destructive testing.
  • Stiffer - Lefty's stout structure, combined with its "square-in-a-square" stanchion design and lower glide bearing make it torsionally stiffer than any fork in the world, for pinpoint steering precision.
  • Smoother - The heart of the Lefty, Cannondale's patented hybrid needle-bearing technolgy keeps the suspension moving freely, regardless of load. Even under the hardest braking, impact, and steering forces, the wheels is able to track the ground fluidly for maximum control.
  • Worry-Free - The new hybrid design allows the entire fork structure to be completely sealed against the elements for long service life and features auto-resetting needle bearing to eliminate the need for regular manual resets.

BALLISTEC CARBON - The resins we use are High Strength, High Impact resins similar to what is used in the construction of carbon baseball bats; light, stiff and designed to endure thousands of deformation cycles. We combine these fibers and this resin in a lay-up designed to maximise the anisotropic (direction-specific) qualities of the fibers, providing a carbon structure that is extremely light, extremely stiff and capable of absorbing tremendous impact without damage or loss of structural integrity.

ZERO PIVOT TECHNOLOGY - Zero Pivot technology does just what the name implies – it eliminates traditional bearing pivots, and replaces them with flexing carbon fiber structures, which is actually not as crazy as it sounds. Done correctly, a flexing carbon structure can be designed to last a virtually infinite number of cycles, while eliminating the weight, play and wear of bearing connections. We have developed proprietary carbon construction techniques that enable the Zero Pivot stays flex freely in one direction only, while actually resisting side-to-side and twisting loads better than a bearing pivot can. Zero Pivot is what allows the Scalpel to be not only the lightest dual suspension frame in the world, but to also have the best stiffness-to-weight ever recorded.

Our Top Picks for 2016 - Available with 0% Finance

We've done it again. As the rest of the industry was trying to figure out how to make aluminium race bike as good as the CAAD10, we've taken a quantum leap all the way to the CAAD12, a road bike so light, so stiff and so smooth that it's going to fundamentally change the way people think of aluminium performance. It is simply the world's finest aluminium road racing machine.

The Cannondale CAAD X 105 is a complete carry over from the 2015 range. If it is't broke then why fix it. The Shimano 105 11 speed groupset is as reliable as to be excepted from a Shimano product. The smoother shifter and greater range of gears are a bonus to any rider whether they are a novice is a professional. The Cannondale CAAD X frame has a race like feel but is forgiving should you feel a slight wobble. The addition of disc brakes to a aready well equipped bike should be admired.

Slate is the bike you never knew you always wanted. It seems like a fever dream. It ain't no dull gravel grinder, it's a full-tilt road bike with legit off-road chops. It's a drop-bar bike bike with a Lefty front fork. It's got massive tyres, yet still boasts road bike quickness. It's like nothing you've seen before, and yet somehow, it's everything you hoped it would be. Float over potholes, boost of of curbs, stick impossible lean angle, rail down trails or just bring a little excitement to the next group ride. On Slate, fun is the only mission.

Crush Meets Plush. The Synapse is the perfect balance of raw power and all-day ridability. Its race-proven combination of endurance geometry, light weight and dialed vertical compliance has won it everything from Spring Classics to Bike of the Year accolades. It might just be the best all-round road bike we've ever made.

The Comfortable, Light, "Just Right" Road Bike. From first road rides to all-day adventures to fender-equipped commutes, the alloy Women's Synapse will be your perfect partner.