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Body Geometry is the most comprehensive system for connecting bike and rider in perfect harmony. Body Geometry Fit is ergonomically designed and scientifically tested to maximise power, endurance and comfort through a systematic customisation of your bike and equipment at all three contact points.

At Hargroves Cycles We Have one of only 60 BG FIT certified fitters in the world. Mark Herbert of our Chichester store earned his accreditation at Specialized HQ in California, head over to our blog to read all about his trip and take a peep behind the curtain at “The Big S”. - Read Mark's Blog Here


The Body Geometry system is designed to optimize your active riding position because it considers the unique connection between your body and bike. Getting it right will help you climb faster, descend more confidently and ride with less fatigue. A correctly fitted bike will also help reduce many strain related injuries cyclists often suffer.

How To Book

To book a BG FIT session simply get in contact with the store that you would like to conduct your BG FIT session. The BG FIT service is available at our following stores:

Southampton – Full DATA fit available
Chichester – Full DATA fit available

Our BG Technicians

Sam Stiff

Mike Evans

Si Macey

"If you're a serious cyclist having a professional bike fit is like the icing on the cake. It wasn't just the fit itself but understanding the mechanics of it all that made it so interesting. It made me realise I wasn't as flexible as I thought and made the bike fit me rather than the other way round. Highly recommended." - Matt Macdonald


1. Pre-Fit Interview

Your BG FIT technician will discuss your cycling goals, experience level and injury history before the fitting starts. Every BG Fit technician is a fully trained graduate of the Specialized Bicycle Components University. The BG FIT curriculum was developed with Andy Pruitt (Boulder Centre for Sports Medicine) , the world’s foremost authority in bicycle fit


2. 20 step assessment

To make sure your bike fits your body perfectly, we’ll take you through a 20- step assessment that gauges your flexibility strength and structure. The assessment identify physical variations like uneven leg length and determine what adjustments need to be made your unique biomechanical profile..


3. Power And Efficiency

After careful examination of your position and pedal stroke, the technician takes measurements and makes adjustments to cleat position, saddle fore/aft, and leg extension to improve your power, comfort, and efficiency on your bike.


4. Neutral Riding Position

Neutral fit puts you in a powerful position in the drops and more comfortable position on the hoods. By adjusting handlebar placement, lever positioning, and reach/drop we can improve your shoulder-knee-hand alignment, which reduces hand numbness and shoulder/back discomfort..


5. Final Adjustment

After analyzing your position, pedal stroke and biomechanics from the frontal view, the technician makes adjustments to shoes and stance width to optimize hip-knee-foot alignment. These modifications help you to achieve greater comfort and power in the pedals.


6. BG Fit Data

Some of our stores offer BG FIT DATA. This program lets you watch yourself pedalling from the front and side as the technician makes adjustments so you can compare and quantify your results. You also get a copy of all your measurements, photos and videos after the fit.

Body Geometry Fitting is the perfect compliment to any bike. Any rider who is looking to ride longer, faster, in greater comfort and with less risk of injury can benefit from a Body Geometry Fitting. Whether you’re a novice rider looking to find more comfort out of your fitness bike or a seasoned racer looking for that extra edge, the personalized nature of a Body Geometry Fit will tailor to your needs. During your fitting, your Certified Fit Specialist will consider your bio-mechanical needs while catering to your preferred riding experience, adjusting your position based off your individualized wants and needs. Assessing every aspect on the bike, your Fit Specialist will take the time to make sure your bike is a picture of the rider you are and the riding you want to be doing.

Yes! We refer to our cleat portion of the fitting as “z-plane” analysis. As we assess rider position our z-plane analysis not only takes into account knee tracking as a result of cleat adjustment, but also takes into account rider rotations on the saddle, which can create abnormal knee, hip, and upper body positioning.

Please bring the following items to your session
• Your bike – During your session your bike will be placed in a trainer to allow for your cycling bio-mechanics to be recreated inside the studio
• Your shoes - If you are hoping to purchase new shoes at the time of the fitting please contact the store prior to making an appointment as we will want to allot a slightly longer time frame to accommodate the sizing of this purchase
• Your pedals - We stock cleats for most pedal systems should your cleats need replacing
• Cycling shorts or tri suit - These need to fit well to ensure we can take accurate measurements
• Jersey or base layer - We need to be able to see your shoulders for the most accurate measurement
• Helmet – In particular instances we may want your Triathlon/TT helmet
• Headwear and Sunglasses- In some cases something as simple as the bill on your cycling cap or the rim on the top of your sunglasses may be leading to that nagging neck pain.
• Proprietary bits - If your bike has any kind of "integrated" stem, seat post, or tri bar set up, please bring all spacers and fittings provided with the bike.

DATA stands for Dual Angle Technical Analysis. This is our Video Capture system. Using high frame rate and live streaming video cameras, your Fit Specialist can capture your riding position at varying levels of intensity allowing for a closer look at your unique cycling characteristics.

We fit nearly all kind of bikes including road, MTB, Fitness, Cyclocross, Triathlon, and Time Trial bikes

No problem! We fit all types of bikes from any vendor. If you have a specific seat post or stem that is proprietary to a manufacturer please do make sure and bring all required pieces as our relationships limit some of our ability to order small parts from all vendors.

We offer 3 options of BG FIT service to our customers depending on how intensive they require the fitting.
• BG Cleat & Pedal Fit - £60 - If you have Look Keo style cleats we use a specific system to monitor your pedal stroke to find the optimal position of your cleats.
• BG Cleat & Pedal Fit (Data Capture) - £80 - Using a more comprehensive system that uses motion capture to determine your optimal cleat position.
• BG 3D Bike Fit - £120 - This is the basic full fitting service, which em-compasses a full initial body assessment and fit.
• BG Fit DATA CAPTURE - £200 - This is the advanced bike fit service which utilises motion capture software to expertly determine your bike fit. Perfect for those who want the most accurate fit possible.