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Specialized Bikes and Hargroves Cycles have been working in partnership since the formation of the company more than 25 years ago. Since then we have consistently sold a broad range of Mountain Bikes, Road Bikes, Hybrid Bikes, Clothing and Accessories.

Die hard fans of the brand will be familiar with the names Stumpjumper, Rockhopper, Hardrock, Allez and Tarmac. There aren't many dealers who can claim a 25 year relationship with any brand, so if you need to know about Specialized bikes you need to talk to us.

View our 2016 Specialized Bike Range

Specialized Technologies

FACT Carbon

Otherwise known as Functional Advanced Composite Technology, FACT represents our holistic approach to working with composites. Like any project at Specialized, FACT frames and equipment are based on the needs of the rider, then we apply critical disciplines to achieve the design targets that will best serve those rider needs: Design & Engineering, Material Selection, Fabrication Process, and Testing. What’s the result of the FACT process? Superior carbon bikes and equipment that deliver real-world performance benefits to the rider.

Ohlins Shock Technology

The gravity world is at the forefront of mountain bike technology, as it puts unbelievable stress on equipment. Our pursuit to give riders the best product on which to perform has culminated in a groundbreaking suspension partnership with Öhlins to develop the ultimate downhill racing shock, the Öhlins TTX. Exclusively for the Demo 8 development on the TTX began in 2012, and the goal was clear: engineer a shock that deliver the control, performance, and adjustability the downhill rider demands. With Öhlins proven twin-tube design and fresh perspective on mountain bike suspension, plus influence from our MTB and suspension teams, we have surpassed the TTX’s performance expectations. For 2014, the Öhlins TTX will be exclusive to the Demo 8 and the Enduro EVO.

Rider-First Engineered

Rider-First Engineered™ is Specialized’s design approach that ensures consistent performance of every bike— regardless of size.

Specialized Bikes was formed in 1974 by Mike Sinyard. In 1981 Specialized introduced the worlds first major production mountain bike - the Stumpjumper. Since then the brand has gone from strength to strength with the Rockhopper, Hardrock, FSR range, Enduro, Tarmac, Allez, Roubaix and Langster to name but a few.

New for the 2016 range include the following models:

  • Fuse- Just a few years ago, the thought of a hardtail conjured up images of Lycra and cross country racing, not all-out trail ripping. Today, however, the all-new Fuse hardtail trail bike has turned that notion on its head. It all starts with our new 6Fattie wheel system that combines 650b wheels with our own 3.0-inch tires for a plush ride with an unbelievable amount of traction through the corners. Then there's our revolutionary Diamond Stay design, which allows the Fuse to maintain the shortest possible chainstays for snappy, responsive handling. And when you mix all of this with geometry that’s low, slack, and ready to send it, you get a bike that climbs like a hardtail and inspires confidence like the best trail bikes we've ever made. It's a bike that not only changes the category; it'll change the way that you ride..
  • Hellga- The beach, the ski fields, that ribbon of singletrack that disappears through the woods—the Hellga is the kind of bike that gets one sniff of potential fun and says ‘I want to go to there’. And there you will go. With her bold and bodacious trail attitude, this fat bike is seriously fun and capable of turning the most mundane of rides into an adventure. Float over roots and rocks with the wide, super-grippy tires, and enjoy the simple pleasures of superb traction in loose sand and snow.
  • Roll- There’s a feeling people get when everything just clicks on a ride, and the Roll is a bike that just pulls it all together for you. Take it out on a bike path—dirt or paved—and enjoy the smooth, efficient ride afforded by the lightweight frame and unique Ground Control Positioning. Feel the confidence and stability a wider, more stable tire provides. And ride longer thanks to the Body Geometry science that’s gone into saddles, grips, and pedals that keep you comfortable for mile-after-mile. Get out there, get active, and feel it for yourself.
  • Ruze- More traction, more control, more fun—that's the philosophy behind our all-new Ruze women's mountain bike. It pairs our 6Fattie wheel system with a hardtail design in order to promote climbing efficiency, while leaving things wide open to push it hard on the descents. To make sure of it, 6Fattie delivers an increased contact patch and allows for lower tire pressures to be run, so you'll get more traction, floatation, and control throughout your ride. The Ruze is also tailored for women, using our Women's Trail Geometry with an ultra-low standover, a pressure relieving Body Geometry Myth saddle, and components that are specifically sized for women throughout the line. Add it all up, and you have the ultimate trail hardtail.

Click on the links below to view Specialized Parts and Accessories we stock.

Our Top Picks for 2016 - With 0% Finance

When you need to blend ruggedness, efficiency, and down right nimbleness into one trail bike, it's pretty damn hard to beat the confidence inspiring construction of an alloy frame like the Stumpjumper FSR Comp 650b. It features an M5 alloy construction that's lightweight, durable, and plenty stiff and compliant, while a durable blend of Shimano and SRAM components have been hand selected to ensure that you get the most performance over rugged terrain possible.

Fitness is not a fad, and the Sirrus proves you're taking your fitness journey seriously. The Sirrus Sport Disc combines our premium Aluminium frame with a reliable component package and powerful disc brakes to deliver a comfortable and fast ride. As you push yourself to reach your goals, the Sirrus will be a powerful ally to have on your health and well-being team.

More volume means more speed. it might be a claim that sounds flipped on its head, but one ride on the Fuse Expert 6Fattie will have you shouting this sentiment from the rooftops. Our all-new 6Fattie Wheel System puts out more traction, more floatation, and better handling without sacrificing anything to efficiency on climbs.

The Dolce Sport Disc is purpose-built to take you places both physically and geographically and make sure you're enjoyingthe best ride along the way. With a geometry that keeps you comfortable on long rides as you explore your boundaries, and a components package that delivers the right mix of durability and quality. The Dolce Sport Disc delivers an added bonus: the stopping power and confidence of disc brakes.

The Roubaix Comp Disc is an all-day endurance beast that's the perfect upgrade for riders looking for more performance without spending a fortune. With is FACT 8r carbon frame and fork that feature our vibration damping Zertz inserts, along with the reliable performance of Shimano Ultegra components and disc brakes, the Roubaix SL4 Comp Disc will keep you fresher, longer.