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    Electric Bikes

    So what exactly is an e-bike? Well the clue is in the title but for those not in the know the ‘e’ stands for electric and, in the UK at least, that electricity provides assistance only when pedalling (another name for e-bikes is pedelec).

    There are many different kinds of electric bikes but in general they can be split into two broad categories, those for commuting and those for some off road adventuring e-mountain bikes, this doesn’t mean that you can’t commute to work on an e-mtb but you get the best out of it on the trails.

    Initially e-bikes used a direct to wheel drive system (hub motors) and this is still used by some of the budget options. Most modern e-bikes use a direct to crank system (in the pedals) which allows a smoother delivery of power and gives the rider more control. The main motor manufacturers being, Bosch, Shimano e-step and Yamaha and their motors can be found on a wide range of bikes from manufacturers such as Cube, Scott, Specialized and Haibike.

    We have a wide range of both commuter electric bikes and more adrenaline fueled e-mtbs and have listed some of our most popular for you below. If however you would like to know a little more about e-bikes then why not head over to our e-bike buyers guide.

    E-Bikes By Category


    e-MTB Buyers Guide

    If you're not sure which e-mtb is right for you, read our electric mountain bike buyers guide which is full of helpful information and provides a great place to start.

    Read More

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    Electric Bikes

    Electric bikes are here to give you that extra power assisted help when needed, if it be mountain biking up a steep ascent or fighting a hard headwind on your hybrid bike on the way to get the shopping. This type of bike means that you can enjoy a wide range of cycling activities without needing to have a high level of fitness to do so.

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