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6 Apps Every Cyclist Should Own

New to cycling? On par with Bradley Wiggins?

Regardless of your cycling ability, there’s an app on the market for you. Whether you want something to simply track your rides, an app that allows you to completely geek out on, or an app that offers practical advice on what to do should the worst happen, here are 6 apps that every cyclist should know about!

#1. Strava

Free (in-app purchases)
Available on iOS & Andriod

Indisputably one of the most popular cycling apps on the market, Strava continues to grow since it’s launch in 2009. ‘Strava’ which means ‘to strive’ in Swedish, is an app that lets cyclists track and share memories from every single ride. If you want to keep tabs on your ride stats, your speed, time and distance is all recorded, so you can work on continually upping your game.

Plus, thanks to Strava Segments, you can find some of the most popular trails and routes in your area, and race against the times set by other Strava users…because who doesn’t love a bit of competition?

#2. Bike Gear Calculator

Available on iOS & Andriod

Are you a self-professed bike geek? Then this is probably an app for you…

Every cyclist wants to have a more powerful and efficient ride, and by customising the bike gears calculator app to match your bike specs, you can do just that! Determine the ideal gear ratio, gain ratio, pedal rotations, speed and much more.

#3. St Johns Ambulance First Aid For Cyclists

Available on iOS & Android

An app you hope you’ll never want to need, but one that is incredibly important to have downloaded on your phone should the worst happen. Created specifically for cyclists, and focusing on the most common cycling-related injuries, the St Johns Ambulance First Aid For Cyclists app is a no-brainer. The app gives clear and concise information for what to do in a number of incidents, including head or facial injuries, bleeding, cuts and grazes, bone and muscle injuries, and information about what to do in emergencies. 

#4. Bike Repair

£2.49 – £3.99
Available on iOS & Android


With 58 highly detailed photo repair guides and 95 tips and tricks for on and off your bike, the Bike Repair app is a favourite with cyclists who need clear and concise step by step information for fixing a range of bike issues, wherever they are.

Plus, thanks to the ‘My Bikes’ section of the app, you’re able to keep information about your bike parts, history of maintenance tasks you have carried out and even reminders of tasks that need to be performed in the future…pretty cool ay?

#5. Fill that hole

Available on iOS & Android

“You spot it, you log it, they sort it!”

The bane of cyclists lives? Potholes…

But thanks to Cycling UK, potholes are being dealt with more quickly and efficiently. Their app ‘Fill That Hole’ allows cyclists to report dangerous potholes in a few quick steps. Simply upload a photo (if possible), along with the location and other information like the size and depth of the pothole, upload it, and Cycling UK will report it to the appropriate councils. What’s more, you can go to their website to check if your pothole has been listed as a hazard and to check other potholes that have been listed by other users.

The good news? The people behind the app have said that councils are usually very quick to respond and sort the issue, which means less potholes, and easier commutes!

#6. My Fitness Pal

Free (in-app purchases)
Available on iOS & Android

Ok, so it’s not directly related to cycling, but if you’re looking to perform at the top of your game, your diet is very important, and with MyFitnessPal, you can easily keep track of your food and drink intake, as well as finding out useful nutritional facts about what you’re putting in your body! When you set up an account (which is free to do!), you’ll be asked to enter a bit of information about yourself (current weight, height, and if you’re looking to lose/gain weight etc) and it will then work out a rough amount of calories you should be aiming to eat every day.

The best thing about the app? Logging your meals couldn’t be easier – either scan the barcode or manually search for the item and add it to your diary!

Make sure you check out the ‘Apps & Devices’ section too, as you’ll find some of your favourite cycling apps in here, which will help you track your exercise and nutrition all in one place!

So, regardless of whether you’re a full-time bike enthusiast, part time commuter or even a beginner to the world of cycling, make sure you give these super cool apps a try today!

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