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CamelBak: New Products!

CamelBak: New Products!

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After a brilliant visit from our favourite CamelBak rep, we have now been informed about all the latest and greatest CamelBak products that will be going on sale next week! They have brought in a few new models, further improved some of the favourites and for some kept of the classics the same but changed up the colour schemes. First off is the new KUDU (Kinetic Uber Dimension Unit – Yeah, seriously) bag. This is their daddy of all CamelBaks with everything you’ll ever need. Its primary purpose is for enduro riding, as they are the first CamelBak bags to feature the XV back panel. This is one of the strongest back protectors out there and having it built in to your CamelBak is just an absolute win in itself! Carrying your full-face/XC helmet up the slopes is no longer a job for your handlebars as it has a super easy helmet mount on the front. Other features include, rain cover, bike tool organizer roll, four point compression straps and easy adjustment of the upper harness.

Next up is the H.A.W.G. NV bag; this bag is very similar to the K.U.D.U. however it doesn’t have the back protector. Instead you get a 3L CamelBak as standard. This bag also works really well as a day-to-day rucksack, there is loads of space inside for a laptop other stuff you will need to carry. So if you want a bag to take out onto the trails but also want something to aid you on a commute or day out, this bag is really ideal. Another pretty key feature of this bag is the upgraded NV back panel, which is similar to the years before but the lower panel has now been changed into a delta shape for extra comfort. For those who’re unfamiliar the NV back panel is made up of four articulating pads that flex with your back but provide superior ventilation and comfort.

An updated favourite for any terrain and all kinds of weather, the M.U.L.E.® NV keeps you hydrated while your back and gear stay dry. This narrow-gauge mountain biking pack has everything you need and nothing you don’t—and its compact design means that it won’t get in your way, even when it’s fully loaded. The NV back panel is designed to hold the load away from your back for maximum ventilation, and the built-in rain cover pops up to shelter your gear from showers on the trail. Its light enough to sit comfortably on your back, but large enough to store 3 litres of water and enough gear for a full day on the trail. We’ve also added clever compartments for stashing tools, keys and electronics.

Last of the big bags is the Volt, this bag specializes is being light weight, practical and comfortable. When you have the lower harness strapped on to you, it hugs your lower body making it feel incredibly secure. The feel of this bag is mostly down to the bladder being positioned right at the bottom of the bag and being very wide. This gives a nice low centre of gravity. When you do have the lower straps in operation it takes all the weight of the bladder and bag off your shoulders and onto your hips. It makes for a very flexible back panel and comfortable riding position.

The smaller developments include the female range with devlopments to tailer for narrower shoulders and softer linings in the neck to reduce irritation when wearing strappy tops. We’re really excited for the new CamelBak range to come in, we hope you’ll be sure to come in store and have a poke and a prod of the new stuff!

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