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Dan Tulett – My Cross Season So Far

Going into my first race of the season I had a mixture of feelings. Nervous because I did not know what to expect after not touching the cross bikes for over half a year, and excited because it was to be my first cyclocross race as an under 16.

Pre-riding the course it seemed to be pretty fast, opting to go for the Dugast typhoon, the fast of the two tire choices. The course had some dry, dusty, tight turns and also some long grassy straights and climbs. Going onto the start line seemed strange, with my brother beside me we all raced into the first corner, a tight right hander. I got the lead into it with only 1 other rider managing to follow.

Going into the woods for the first time was where I got away. The tight and dusty turns were what suited me, and out of the corners I managed to pull away and not to be regained again.

I kept on the pressure throughout the rest of the race, building the gap to around 1 and a half mins at the end. A brilliant start to the season. This was also my first race on my new  2014 Specialized Crux’s , They were amazing !

My second cyclocross race was on the 28th September at Hogg hill cycle circuit. I had raced here a while back, probably two seasons ago. I knew the course was going to be very bumpy, and it was !

This was not like any other cyclocross course I had rode before though, it had a mixture of terrains, going from tarmac to gravel, grass, and mud. It was also twisty on the grass, which made turning tight harder due to the bumps.

Despite the tough course I was very much looking forward to the race. The start was at the bottom of the Hoggenberg climb, a steep, short tarmac ascent ! The whistle blew and I didn’t get the greatest of starts, however I was already in the lead with a short gap going into the grass section.

By the time I had reached the first set of hurdles there was just me and 1 other rider away again,  shortly after the hurdles was another short tarmac climb. This was where I put in the first of two digs. It broke a small gap between us, only a few seconds, but around 20 seconds later was a longer tarmac climb, only this time I would attack again and harder – it extended the gap to about 15 seconds. The gap then began to extend massively over the remainder of the race, Finishing with a 2min 30 gap ! Hopefully this should be a good sign for the rest of the season !


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