Day & Night Enduro Sponsored By Exposure Lights

England’s first enduro run in the day and night is back for a third year, with 4 stages of long technical singletrack with the odd feature chucked in for good measure.

As part of the Hargroves QE Cycle Fest the gravity-based “Day and night Enduro” returns by popular demand for the fourth year. After last year’s success the QECP Trail Collective has been working hard to make this year’s event even better. For the second year Exposure lights are our headline sponsor and will be on hand with a demo light hire service along with promoting their latest must have lighting system.

All riders will need lights that last at least 3 hours. Lights must be on the bikes from the start of the race. It is also advisable to have a back up set of lights in case of your primary set failing.Stages:There are 4 timed stages, which will be added together for an aggregate time to decide the winner in each category.All stages will be over a mile long and around 90m to 130m in elevation/drop. Estimated stage times are about 3 minutes to 6 minutes long.

QECP Day & Night Enduro Rules
There are 4 timed stages which will be added together for an aggregate time which will decide the winner in each category. There will be a 3 hour race practice in the day light of the race course. All riders must complete a practice lap.
All stages will be taped where race organizers deem appropriate. Taping will leave suitable line choice where available but will not allow for any significant ‘cutting’ of race track. Any competitor seen to be crossing stage tape, marker posts or taking any route deemed to off the official race track may be disqualified or receive a time penalty.
There must be no interference with the track such as removing rocks, roots or branches. Any competitor deemed to be interfering with the track may be disqualified.
All stages will be around a mile long and around 90-100m elevation drop. Estimated stage times are out 3 to 6 minutes long.
If riders don’t make their start times they will be slotted in 15seconds after the next rider or when ready to start the stage. However the clock will be ticking as the riders time will be taken from the official start time until they finish the stage, so try your best to be on time or you will have some very long stage times.
Stages must be contested on the same bike. Any rider not complying with this may be disqualified.
Bar end plugs or equivalent must be fitted. Any rider not complying with this may be disqualified.
The Enduro can be done on any bike as long Bike must be of a sound mechanical state and have no electronically or mechanically assisted motors. Any rider not complying with this may be disqualified.
What bike do we recommend for the course? 100 to 160mm HT or 120mm to 160mm full suss bike.

Safety & Conduct:
All competitors must behave in a high quality sporting fashion. Observe all rules and instructions provided by organizers, timing staff and marshals.
Should you be caught by another rider in a stage the rider must inform you which side he intends to pass. Always pass on the safest side.
All instructions given by race officials must be observed. This event should be fun so no foul or abusive language to anyone.
Signing on:
All competitors must sign on and pick up their number board before riding the course.
Do not tamper, modify or deface number boards in any way. Failure to comply with this may result in disqualification.
Safety Equipment:
Helmets are compulsory and must be done up properly at all times (Including transition stage). Both full face or open face helmets are ok to use. Helmets must carry a Snell, Kite mark or EN 1078. Gloves and Eye protection is highly recommended. Knee pads and body amour are up to the rider but if you’re not sure we recommended you ride in whatever you feel safest in.
During the practise and the actual race lights are compulsory. Any rider who does not have adequate lighting can be removed from the race if the marshalls deem that you pose a risk to yourself or to others.
Exposure Lights are on hand providing a hire service or you can purchase a new Exposure light via Hargroves Cycles during the event.
Transition Stage / Link section:
The organizers will mark out one transition stage between race stages and a set time to reach next stage, transition time is based on using full link, riders are requested to use transition stage (No short cuts).If riders don’t use the official transition stage they may be disqualified or receive a time penalty. It is important to use the transition stage as we can trace riders in case of emergency or injury.
Helmets must be worn on the transition stage.
The start of the first transition will be in the race village this will take you to the start of the first timed stage at the top of the hill.

Exposure Light Hire Don't be left in the dark!

Exposure Light Hire

Exposure lights are available to hire for anyone taking part in the Night Enduro. If your lights run out of juice, don’t worry – Exposure are providing a charging station on their stand too!

Light Hire Costs:
Bar light hire costs £15 and helmet light hire costs £10

To pre-book your light hire simply visit Exposure Lights and make them aware which model it is that you would like and payment will be collected upon collection of the desired lights.

Enduro FAQ's Answers to some of the questions we've been asked in the past

Q: Do I have to ride the whole route in practice?
A: Yes, the route will not be the standard QECP routes, even stages that follow the existing trails will be tweaked.We want you all to have a good look at the stages in the light before you race them in the dark.It will also be a good opportunity to judge what kit/bike setup/protection you should use for the race.
Q: What time will it all be kicking off?
A: Here is the plan at the moment, although things might change a bit closer to the time.

  • Sat 17:15 – Marshalls’ briefing
  • Sat 17:30 – Riders’ briefing
  • Sat 18:00 – Start of practice
  • Sat 20:15 – End of practice/start of race
  • Sat 23:00 – End of race
Q: How long is the race and how much elevation is there?
A: The full loop will be 16km so ridden twice 32km. You are looking at about 510m of elevation per lap so over 1000m for the whole thing.
Q: What kind of trails will be used?
A: The stages will be a mix of red trail sections and fresh cut trail. If you are looking for what kind of skill level you will need, think a bit harder than the red trail – there will be some super steep fresh cut sections. There will also be some features in the stages, but all the non-rollable ones will have chicken lines round them, take your time in practice and have a good look at these.
Q: Any info about the stages?
A: There will be 4 stages all practiced once and raced once. Longest one will be about 5mins and the shortest about 2.5mins.
Q: How did the race and format come about?
A: It’s really all thanks to Hargroves Cycles – if it wasn’t for QE Cyclefest we would not be able to hold a race in the main park. Hargroves are also helping us out with prizes and some infrastructure for the race village. As for the format, we originally wanted to run a race like the QECP Trail Collective Enduro in 2013, but the park has stipulated that the race has to start after the bulk of the other users have gone home. So the QECP Day & Night Enduro 2014 was born.
Q: Can I cancel my booking if I can’t make the race?
A: Pre race is a very busy time for us, therefore the refund policy if you wish to cancel a booking is:

  • 14 days+ notice: full refund.
  • 7-14 days notice: 50% paid back.
  • 7 days or less notice: no refund.
Q: If I don’t sign up in time is there a way I can still race?
A: We will have a reserve list and if anyone cancels we will offer the place out to the name on top of the list.
Q: Where does the money go?
A: All the money made in the race will be going back in to the trail at QECP.
PRO (Mens): For riders in top 10% of last year’s event or if you race in PRO, Expert, Elite in XC/Enduro or DH
SPORT (Senior): 19-29 Aged
SPORT (MASTERS): 30-39 Aged
SPORT (Veteran): 40-49 Aged
SPORT (Super Veteran): 50+ Aged
FUN (Mens): If you are starting out at racing
(if you finished in the top 10 in fun last year’s events you should move up to your age category)
U18: Aged 14 – 18
WOMEN: Female riders all ages.
HARDTAIL: Aged 14+
Sat 16:00 – Marshall’s briefing
Sat 16:30 – Rider’s briefing
Sat 17:00 – Start of practice
Sat 19:15 – End of practice/start of race
Sat 23:15-23:30 – Results, Prize giving and Raffle
Marshalls Wanted!If you are be interested to Marshall at the Day & Night Enduro or have any friends or family who would be interested to help Marshall please do get in touch. If you provide a Marshall for the race, you will get free entry. Email: