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Exposure Light Hire For QECP Day Night Enduro 2016

We’re excited to announce that the headline sponsor of this years Day / Night Enduro; Exposure Lights will be offering light hire for riders and racers taking part in the QECP Day Night Enduro. Lights from across the Exposure cycling range will be available to hire, although for the bars you probably want either the Six Pack MK6 or MaXx D MK8 and either an Equinox MK2 or Diablo MK7 on your helmet for maximum illumination of those trails.

Light Hire Costs & Booking

To hire a bar mounted will cost £15 and to hire a helmet light will cost £10. That seems like a small price to pay to try before you buy or just race with the best lights money can buy. To avoid disappointment, it’s worth pre-booking which you can do by simply emailing info@use1.co.uk. Be sure to include which lights you want to hire and payment will be collected upon collection of your desired lights. Simple!

Charging Station

Exposure Lights will also be providing a charging station on their stand in the main arena just in case your lights run out of juice or you just need them topping up – so you’re totally covered! It also looks like a number of USE Suspension seatposts will be available to test too. If you’re interested, speak to chaps on the Exposure stand on the day.

If you’re thinking about buying a new light we’ve got the complete range listed here: Exposure Lights

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