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Specialized Venge Vias Technical Training

Back in June 2015 Specialized launched their new S-Works Venge ViAS and with some remarkable performance gain stats; 120 seconds faster over 40km than the Specialized Tarmac, 50 seconds faster than their next closest competitor and it’s as aero as the Shiv time trail bike.

You might think that all Specialized dealers in the UK have instant access to this new pedigree of race machine. Well that’s not the case. Only dealers who attend a rigorous day of technical training specifically designed around the build and setup of this wonder bike are allowed to sell it.

Yesterday, Tom Tregus – one of our talented bike mechanics from our Chichester store attended the Specialized Venge ViAS technical training and just in case you were wondering…Yes! Hargroves Cycles are now authorized to sell this jaw-dropping bicycle beauty.

tom tregus
Here’s Tom!

Being a top notch bicycle mechanic who also races bikes, Tom is well versed at building bikes and setting them up to maximise efficiency savings and performance gains – however he was quick to learn that the Venge ViAS requires a slightly different approach…

“The stem and steerer are very much a think twice and cut one sort of scenario. Unlike a conventional setup where you can have stackers either side of the stem to allow for fine adjustment after the stereer has been cut, you set the stack height on Venge and cut the steerer to length and there’s no going back”.

You’ll also notice that the brakes are totally different to that of a standard road bike. Tom also pointed out that photo’s of this bike really don’t do it justice! “In the flesh, the bike looks incredible”

As part of the training, Specialized mentioned the bike setups of Sagan and Cavendish. Interestingly, Sagan uses a flat bar, 130mm stem and 25mm stack height whereas Cavendish used a +25mm rise bar and 120mm stem and 0 stack.

“Overall the training was really interesting and I can’t wait to build one for a customer”

The Venge ViAS is coupled with a whole host of performance enhancing products including shoes, a helmet and a skinsuit. For more info check out the Specialized ‘Five More Minutes‘ design philosophy.

The Venge ViAS Bike Demo Tour – ‘Test The Best’
If you fancy giving the Venge ViAS, Specialized have just announced the dates and locations of their ‘Test The Best’ tour..details below

For the rest of the Specialized Venge family, head on over to our Specialized Venge Road Bikes page.

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