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Wessex League Round 2 – Swindon

Luke Gray (Trek Cross Collective) went one better than last week and won round two at the very wet and slippery cross race held in Swindon. Luke was in a group that got away and the start and these five stayed away for much of the race before the conditions decided the outcome.

One the first lap it was Jody Crawforth and teammate Andy Hargroves (Hargroves Cycles) along with Michael Cotty (Wheelbase Cannondale), Ben Sumner (Beeline Cycles), Crispin Doyle (Hargroves Cycles) and Will Bjergfelt (Cycle Premier Kovert) that started to ease away.

Report from Graham Robins Photos by Graham Robins Complete results below.

In the Senior race Andy Hargroves soon had the race under control and he eased away from Jody who was coming under pressure from Luke. These three riders were building up a good lead and making the most of being able to pick a clear line in the very slippery mud and first to the banks which were now after all the days rain were becoming un- ride able.

With over half the race gone Luke made his move and caught and passed Jody, before catching Andy. The two riders pulled away and soon were clear before Andy allowed Luke past but then fell foul of the conditions and his front wheel slipped from underneath him and Luke took the opportunity to get away. Jody also slipped at the same point and now Luke was well clear.

Behind these, riders were having difficulties and there were several riders breaking rear mechs’ and a large number had parted with the bikes and were covered in mud.

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